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Maritime Institutes, Councils & Associations Links
Maritime Portals, gateways, & resources
Glossaries & Dictionaries
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Maritime Institutes, Councils & Associations Links

• European Sea Ports Organisation ( ESPO )
• International Maritime Organization (IMO)
• Maritime & Oceanic Law Center
• American Society of Naval Engineers
• IMARE The Institute of Marine Engineers
• SNAME The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
• NUMAST is a UK trades union for ships' officers.
• Canadian Shipowners' Association
• Norwegian Shipowners'Association
• Spanish Shipowners' Association
• Swedish Shipowners´ Association
• Japanese Shipowners' Association
• Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association ( BSAA )
• The Connecticut Maritime Coalition CMC
• The Finnish Maritime Administration ( FMA )
• International Maritime Pilots Association, IMPA
• European Maritime Pilots' Association, EMPA
• Amercian Pilots' Association, APA
• Australian Marine Pilots Association ( AMPA )
• Brazil's National Pilotage Council ( CONAPRA )
• The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors ( SAMS
• National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. ( NAMS
• Marine Log's Buyers Guide lists many of our marine suppliers.
• International Association Cities and Ports ( I.A.C.P.)
• Sea Companion World Marine Index and links to various maritime sites.
• Marine Talk features weekly technical news, latest technologies, equipment, services and business contacts.
• InfoMARE Italy - marine links.

Maritime Portals, gateways, & resources

• International Register of Shipping
• Freightworld Seaports
• Cargo Port Links for seaports around the world.
• Maritime Mobile Service Network
• Marine Weather Links
• National Data Buoy Center Real Time Data. NDBC moored buoy, C-MAN, and drifting buoy ( weather ) data are available in real-time.
• Sea Conditions are shown from sea bouys.
• Lucky Dolphin Marine Services Suez ship chandler, Suez Canal transit agent, general ship supplier
• Marine Digest Maritime Links page
• World Clock has the current time in 120 cities around the world.
• Lloyds List Leader in the provision of shipping, maritime, trade, insurance & legal business intelligence.

Glossaries & Dictionaries

• Alan Hartley's Maritime Language Page
• As They Say On the River (A Dictionary of Western Rivers towing)
• Chris Morrison's Small Maritime Lexicon and Dictionaries from 18th & 19th Century Maritime Textbooks
• Definitions and Mnemonics for Sailors and Powerboaters
• A Dictionary of Sea Terms, 1841/1851 (From Richard Henry Dana's The Seaman's Friend )
• An English - German Nautical Dictionary (At Mehrrumpfboote Aktuell)
• A Glossary of Nautical Terms (Circa 1814)
• A Guide for the Perplexed (Translations of all "non-English" phrases in Patrick O'Brian's sea-tales)
• Igor Votava's Shipmodeling Vocabulary
• An Illustrated Glossary of Square Rigger Terminology
• An International Bibliography of Nautical Dictionaries (In French)
• A Jerriais-English Maritime Vocabulary
• A Jerriais-French-English Fishermen's Vocabulary
• Jim Stein's Nautical Dictionary
• Julian Dixon's Polylingual Translating Dictionary and Glossary for Viking Ships and Other Ancient Sailing Craft (To and from English and various languages, dead and living)
• Ken Turner's English-French Dictionary of Sailing Terms
• Links to Online Nautical Dictionaries(Compiled by the International Conference on Maritime Terminology)
• A List of Commonly Used US Coast Guard Acronyms
• Maritime Etymology (Online Dutch, German, French, Swedish and English glossaries and dictionaries)
• A Model Boat Glossary
• The Modern Mariner Glossary (Also the Classic Sea Terms and Shipping Terms glossaries)
• A Nautical European Dictionary
(Common nautical terms in English, Turkish, German, French & Spanish)
• Nautical Phrases and the Origins of Some Present Day Expressions
• A New Universal Dictionary of the Marine (The 1815 edition of Falconer's marine Dictionary, scanned images online)
• Old Salt Talk (Links to glossaries and dictionaries)
• Parliamo Scots? Ships and the Sea (Colloquial Scots terms)
• Peter D. Green's Nautical Words and Terminology Page
• A Portuguese-Spanish-English-French Nautical Dictionary
• SchoonerMan's Schooner Vocabulary
• Sea Wake's Spanish Dictionary of Sea Terms
• Ship-Masonry from Betina: Etymological Vocabulary of Traditional Terminology (Croatian shipbuilding voc.)
• Ships' Measurements (Definitions for the most common measurements used in navigation)
•'s Glossary of Boating Terms
• A United States Merchant Marine Glossary of Maritime Terms and Definitions
(Circa 1944)
• William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine
(1780 edition)
• Wisconsin Sea Grant's Glossary of Nautical Terms

• A Yachting Dictionary of General Information(From the 1913 edition of Dixon Kemp's Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing and Architecture )

Maritime Classified Ads

• Apollo Duck Australia (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck Canada (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck Ireland (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck New Zealand (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck South Africa (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck UK (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• Apollo Duck US (Free classified ads for boats, equipment, services and property)
• (A directory of boat dealers and service centres, boats for sale & wanted listings)
• Boat Estate Online Boating & Marine Classifieds (Australia)
• (Free classifieds)
• Boat Owners World (Free classifieds)
• Boat Parts Network (New and used boat parts)
• The Boatreference (Second-hand & new, boats, sailing boats, motorboats, boat charters)
• Boats and Outboards (UK based site offering free ads for boats, outboards and marine equipment)
• Boatsville (Ads for new and used boats)
• BoatXchange - Used Boats - Sell a boat (Used boats for sale, boat auctions, boat classifieds)
• (Free boating classifieds)
• Fish 4 Fun (Fishing gear classified ads)
• Great Lakes Sail for Sale (Free classifieds)
• (Free photo classified ads for marine engines of all kinds)
• (Free photo classified ads for any pre-1970 powerboat or parts, antique, historic, classic, or old boat)
• Puget Sounder ("The online boating rag" free classifieds)
• Restore-Online (Ads for project boats and parts for sale and wanted)
• Rocky Mountain Boat & RV Net (Boat and RV classified ads)
• Small Boat Forum Free Classified Ads
• (Classified ads for all things old: boats, tools, boat hardware, and more)
• USBoatAds (Boat and watercraft classifieds, free photos in ads)
• (Free classified ads)

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